Gouvis Office

The design concept involves the preservation of one of California’s mid-century professional buildings, originally constructed in 1965. This project is a restoration/remodel of an underutilized professional office building owned and occupied by a structural engineering firm. The building had become clad in a variety of unauthentic materials and had become quite dark and fragmented. The floor plan was disjoint and enclosed, with post-modern blue & gold false columns dominating the office spaces. The reception area was in the back of the building, with shipping/receiving occupying the most prominent glass element of the building. The new design of the space places emphasis upon clarity of plan, and a logical procession of spaces. This is an engineering firm; form must express logic, meaning and rationality. Material and methods will certainly change, but the rules must be timeless. In nature, form and architecture are one, and this shall also be true in architecture. Form is structure, and therefore, structure is architecture. I played by those rules, in the design of this project.