I find it interesting to see the homes that architect’s design for themselves. The Ice House is my Taliesen, my experimental laboratory, constantly evolving. The mixed-use building is 19,000 sf which is a rather large sandbox in which to play, and I intend to work and play here for quite some time. This is an authentic loft, the real thing, which is often imitated in today’s market. It weaves together historic preservation, adaptive reuse, and environmental responsibility, since the entire building, and many original components, have been recycled. We can walk to the City’s Plaza District, a pedestrian friendly commercial area. We are located within the Depot District, a 5 minute walk from the train depot, which encourages less dependency on the automobile. The ultimate energy and time saver is my commute from home to work...simply a flight of stairs to the office from the loft, exemplifying the ideal live/work quality of life.

This project has received the PCBC Gold Nugget Award in 2008, The OTPA Plaza City Award 2009, and has been published in Riviera Magazine, OC Home Magazine, Coast Magazine, The Orange County Register, Trovata Catalogue, and was featured on the Old Town Orange Home Tour, 2007.