oplf architectural preservation legacy award 2013
old town preservation association plaza city award 2009 (icehouse)
pcbc gold nugget award 2008 (icehouse)
pcbc gold nugget award 2006 (jensen building)
aia orange county design award 2002 (project self sufficiency)
pcbc gold nugget grand award 2002 (ettinger residence)
award of excellence, city of claremont 1997 (arnold residence)
aia california council design award 1996 (732 residence)
aia orange county design award 1996 (glenwood village hall & town square)
aia western home awards/sunset magazine 1995/96 (732 residence)
aia orange county design award 1995 (732 south woodland residence)

publications & exhibits:

hgtv show excerpt "you live in what?", icehouse project, 2014

hosted television episode of the elrod house, palm springs "open house - square feet". lx-tv, nbc.
california homes magazine, 2012 (livmor residence)
sunmor home tour, modernism week 2011 (livmor residence)
film location for (3) chapman university films 2009 (the icehouse)
eichler film interview, 2008 (eichler remodel projects)
riviera interiors magazine, winter 2008 (the icehouse)
eichler home tour 2007 (webb residence, trafford residence, ettinger residence)
home magazine, june 2007 (the icehouse)
orange county register, october 2007 (the icehouse)
trovata catalogue, fall 2007 (the icehouse)
otpa old towne orange home tour, october 2007 (the icehouse)
ca modern, spring 2006 (webb residence)
orange county register, june 2006 (webb residence)
riviera magazine, march/april 2002 (732 & ettinger residences)
orange county register, september 2001 (732 residence)
competitions magazine, fall 1996 (glenwood village hall & town square)
sunset magazine , october 1995 (732 south woodland residence)
los angeles times, november 1995 (732 residence)